“I wanted to express what a joy and relief it has been to have SOS with the O.R. for the past six weeks. I have seen a profound difference with all scopes since their arrival. With everything from cystoscopes to ureteroscopes, hysteroscopes, and laparoscopes I have seen an amazing difference in visual quality. Scottie Boone has worked tirelessly to bring each scope up to the highest quality before allowing it to reach the doctors’ hands. He has taken the responsibility of the scope quality away from the service clinicians and circulators, which has been a great relief. We appreciate his efforts very much. I hope that we can see the value that the SOS team brings to our O.R. and that we would let them remain with us to continue to deliver the highest quality service for our patients.”
Charles Dixon RN, Operating Room Clinician, Dekalb Medical


Paces MedEquip is a Med-Tech company, specializing in the surgical instrument and scope repair industry.

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Paces MedEquip has protected your equipment and your patients with our exemplary surgical equipment repair services.

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Paces MedEquip provides outstanding service, quality equipment and repairs and exceptional cost savings.

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