PacesProtects Programs

Surgical Onsite Services (SOS)

Driven by surgeon satisfaction, our SOS program provides mission-critical technical support in the Operating Room and Sterile Processing environments, and is a perfect complement to our portfolio of services. Through a unique shared-risk arrangement attached to our repair management program, the formula perfectly aligns our mutual objectives and solves a variety of issues that are universal and have long plagued the O.R. and S.P.D. environments.

Specialty Instrument and Equipment
Repair, Prototyping and Customizing

Expansion into these specialty areas provides maintenance and repair of larger O.R. equipment like yellowfin stirrups, table attachments, and a large variety of multi-component, complex retraction systems.  As a result, we have invested in advanced machining capabilities and staffing in order to support parts manufacturing and custom fabrication. In addition, we are able to support surgeon-specific modifications, and reproduce instruments to their exacting standards.  Similarly, we have developed business-to-business opportunities with well-known OEMs and their reps, also supporting their surgeon-specific requests for various instrument prototypes and customization.

Rolling Stock Repair and
Maintenance Program

Paces Protects rolling stock program is a comprehensive repair and maintenance solution for all stainless steel equipment and furniture used in the Operating Room and Sterile Processing departments.  This service provides repair and scheduled maintenance, to extend the life of O.R. equipment and mitigate the risk of liabilities associated with faulty O.R. Rolling Equipment.

What Our Surgeons Are Saying

The major advantage to having Surgical On-Site Services (SOS) is the familiarity with the laparoscopic equipment which the technicians bring to the team. More often than not they have the best ability to troubleshoot equipment problems which occur during an operation. Their knowledge and efficient problem-solving results in shorter procedure times and generally less stress to all team members. Their contribution has the added benefit of allowing the circulating nurse to focus her attention more consistently on the patient which is her primary responsibility. As technology increases in the OR in the form of laparoscopic-related equipment, it stands to reason that it will become increasingly a distraction to direct patient care, and having a dedicated team member capable of maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment seems appropriate.
Pat Fitzgerald, MD FACS, Otolaryngologist, Sarasota Memorial Hospital
I have been asked my opinion on the value of the Paces technicians during laparoscopic surgery cases. I feel that they have been a tremendous asset to procedural set up and flow in the OR. They are a very professional outfit, and are always punctual, prepared, competent, and pleasant to work with. I am always confident that when a technical SNAFU occurs, they will quickly fix the problem and allow surgery to continue as efficiently as possible. Laparoscopic surgery is a wonderful advancement in medicine, but it can demand more reliance on very sophisticated electronics and specialized instrumentation. Having a Paces technician present on these cases saves time, but, more importantly, it may also contribute to the safety of the patient in certain critical situations.
Scott Stevens, MD, Surgical Specialist, Sarasota Memorial Hospital


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