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Instrument and
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Dedicated On-Location
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Surgical Onsite
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Refurbished Surgical
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What We Do


Paces MedEquip is a Med-Tech company, specializing in the surgical instrument and scope repair industry. Guided by our mission to “Help Our Customers Better Meet their Surgical, Operational, and Financial Objectives through Innovative Service and Support Programs,” our portfolio of hospital support services have continued to expand and evolve to meet the demand for improved service deliverables and keep pace with the latest trends in surgical technology and life sciences.

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Instrument and Equipment Repair

When it is done right, surgical instrument repair is an excellent cost savings solution.

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Dedicated On-Location Repair Labs

Paces MedEquip is the nation’s first company to offer on-site labs with scope repairs. 

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At DeKalb Medical, we concluded a successful two-month trial of our S.O.S. program.

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Refurbished Surgical Equipment Sales

Reduce capital expenditures and keep valuable funds in your department.  

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A comprehensive Operating Room Rolling Equipment repair and maintenance program.

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What Clients Say About Us

I would like to commend Paces MedEquip for their excellent customer service. My job places me in a position of working closely with them on a daily basis.

It is a pleasure doing business with both their field and office staff. I have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly in their delivery of quality service.

Communication is extremely important with the work that I do. I have confidence that my questions and concerns will be addressed and answered in a timely and effective manner by their staff.

It is my responsibility to ensure that our instrumentation repair issues are met in a timely and efficient manner. Their turnaround time for repairs is both fast and efficient. Their quality service permits us to meet our surgical objectives and improves our employee and physician satisfaction. I have enjoyed outstanding service and support with the partnership we have with Paces MedEquip.

Kathleen M. Demitras, CST-CVS, FAST, Borrow/Loan Coordinator, Northeast Georgia Medical Center


Paces MedEquip is a Med-Tech company, specializing in the surgical instrument and scope repair industry.

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Paces MedEquip has protected your equipment and your patients with our exemplary surgical equipment repair services.

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Success Stories

Paces MedEquip provides outstanding service, quality equipment and repairs and exceptional cost savings.

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