Get the Custom Advantage: Paces-Powered Repair Management Program™

Dedicated On-Location Repair Labs: The Next Generation Solution for Surgical Instrument and Equipment Repair. Most hospitals, even those expressing satisfaction with their repair program, are oftentimes frustrated with the logistical complexities associated with managing a robust repair and maintenance program.

Considerable planning and coordination of efforts between multiple departments, across multiple vendors, on a daily basis is a time-consuming and tedious process, and presents a host of logistical challenges throughout the hospital organization. Keeping pace with the latest industry trends, Paces has developed an innovative In-House Lab service model to improve the traditional approach to instrument and scope repair service.

Traditional Complex Logistical Approach

Paces MedEquip Traditional Complex Logistics Image

Paces MedEquip Streamlined Logistics

PACES MedEquip Streamlined Logistics

Our On-Location Repair Management program is a streamlined and proactive approach which delivers improved continuity of service, efficiency, and lowers overall costs. A first in the industry, our Regional Service Centers and Site specific labs support a wide-variety of mission critical surgical equipment and instrument repair, including rigid and flexible endoscopes. This state-of-the-art full-service solution provides unparalleled speed and efficiency, reliable quality and full accountability.

Excellent Service

The Paces-Powered On-Location Repair Management™: It is Time for a Higher Standard.

  • Most streamlined logistics
  • Mission critical, multi-specialty repair services
  • Strong, repeatable ROI
  • Increased efficiency and lower cost through consolidation, delivered locally
  • Erodes OEM dependency, a factor which can influence purchasing and service decisions
  • Reduced soft costs such as: requisitions, shipping, receiving, purchase orders, accounting, FTE time
  • On-location expertise and team training to prevent instrument damage (CEU credit available)

  • Full accountability – valuable reporting and tracking documents

We have earned the trust of hospitals, surgical centers and medical professionals across the country by helping them save money without compromising quality or service. For more information about Paces MedEquip, contact us today.

“In my three years at DeKalb Medical one of my proudest accomplishments is leading a team to evaluate our process for repairing our surgical instrumentation including everything from mechanical hand tools to flexible and rigid scopes. As a team, we were able to get our arms around processes that were overly complex and fragmented, evaluated the various options, and identified a partnership solution with a single provider to address the vast majority of our support needs. Working with Paces MedEquip, we were able to implement a process to provide an on-site solution to our specific needs. This model allows us to maintain the majority of our instrumentation in the most effective and efficient manner, and I am proud of the fact that we have the only on-site scope and surgical instrumentation repair depot in the state of Georgia.”
Dan Harrison, Director, Dekalb Medical, 2015
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