A single source for customized management and support solutions to optimize efficiency, patient safety and surgeon satisfaction.

The Paces MedEquip team utilizes a proven process for helping you achieve your specific surgical, operational and financial objectives through our customized Management and Support Solutions. Our seasoned team of industry veterans will personally evaluate your operations and implement a measureable solutions plan to positively impact labor, asset, repair and supply management.

The Paces Advantage

  • Improved labor management

  • Enhanced asset management

  • Superior inventory control and life

  • Budget control

  • Centralized and properly trained department

  • Standards and guidelines for all activities for increased accountability


We have earned the trust of hospitals, surgical centers and medical professionals across the country by helping them save money without compromising quality or service. For more information about Paces MedEquip, contact us today.

“In my three years at DeKalb Medical one of my proudest accomplishments is leading a team to evaluate our process for repairing our surgical instrumentation including everything from mechanical hand tools to flexible and rigid scopes. As a team, we were able to get our arms around processes that were overly complex and fragmented, evaluated the various options, and identified a partnership solution with a single provider to address the vast majority of our support needs. Working with Paces MedEquip, we were able to implement a process to provide an on-site solution to our specific needs. This model allows us to maintain the majority of our instrumentation in the most effective and efficient manner, and I am proud of the fact that we have the only on-site scope and surgical instrumentation repair depot in the state of Georgia.”
Dan Harrison, Director, Dekalb Medical, 2015
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Paces MedEquip is a Med-Tech company, specializing in the surgical instrument and scope repair industry.

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Paces MedEquip has protected your equipment and your patients with our exemplary surgical equipment repair services.

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Paces MedEquip provides outstanding service, quality equipment and repairs and exceptional cost savings.

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