Success Stories

“I have been asked my opinion on the value of the Paces technicians during laparoscopic surgery cases. I feel that they have been a tremendous asset to procedural set up and flow in the OR. They are a very professional outfit, and are always punctual, prepared, competent, and pleasant to work with. I am always confident that when a technical SNAFU occurs, they will quickly fix the problem and allow surgery to continue as efficiently as possible. Laparoscopic surgery is a wonderful advancement in medicine, but it can demand more reliance on very sophisticated electronics and specialized instrumentation.

Having a Paces technician present on these cases saves time, but, more importantly, it may also contribute to the safety of the patient in certain critical situations. I would strongly recommend that Paces technicians continue to assist with laparoscopic surgical cases at SMH.”

Scott Stevens, MD , General Surgeon,
Sarasota Memorial Hospital
“I would like to express my ongoing support for the Paces program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Marc Stevens and his colleagues not only provide a wonderful service with trouble shooting the equipment, but are extremely helpful with assisting with the efficiency of the operating room. Many of the inefficiencies of the operating room are overcome by having the Paces team on board. The set up and turnover of the rooms is quicker and the cases all seem to go smoother with Paces support. Whether it is preparing the laparoscopic tower or finding essential equipment in a timely fashion, the Paces representatives are always willing to help and provide a great service to the physicians, nurses and patients.”
Steven Halbreich MD, FACS , General Surgeon,
Sarasota Memorial Hospital
“A note of thanks for providing great service to SPD at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Over the past 6 months my experience with the Paces team at SMH has been so beneficial to my department. Having the team here we have been able to collaborate ideas on instrumentation, how to best serve the OR, and work together as a team for patient safety outcomes. The demands of the OR are great and having the guys here has cut down on the amount of times we as management are up and down from the department to the OR for issues they can handle immediately. The Paces team has been instrumental in resolving problems, helping out the SPD department with much needed turn-around time and many gestures both small and large to get the job done so that the surgery schedule goes smoothly. Troubleshooting is optimum. The team is always available for endless questions and discussing resolutions for our SPD department. Looking forward to continuing services provided by Paces.”
Suzin Vincent , Manager Sterile Processing, Sarasota Memorial Hospital
“In my three years at DeKalb Medical one of my proudest accomplishments is leading a team to evaluate our process for repairing our surgical instrumentation including everything from mechanical hand tools to flexible and rigid scopes. As a team, we were able to get our arms around processes that were overly complex and fragmented, evaluated the various options, and identified a partnership solution with a single provider to address the vast majority of our support needs. Working with Paces MedEquip, we were able to implement a process to provide an on-site solution to our specific needs. This model allows us to maintain the majority of our instrumentation in the most effective and efficient manner, and I am proud of the fact that we have the only on-site scope and surgical instrumentation repair depot in the state of Georgia.”
Dan Harrison, Director, DeKalb Medical
“Paces MedEquip provides a true partnership. I’ve never enjoyed such an open, honest give-and-take relationship with a vendor. Their work is timely, their credibility is outstanding, and they follow through on their promises, repairing equipment other vendors couldn’t. Their repairs have added up to six-figure savings at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, and they provide invaluable data that has helped us to streamline operations. I can’t say enough good things about Paces.”
Hedy S. Tomlin, R.N., B.S.N., M.A. , Director Supply Chain Management, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System
“I would like to commend Paces MedEquip for their excellent customer service. My job places me in a position of working closely with them on a daily basis. It is a pleasure doing business with both their field and office staff. I have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly in their delivery of quality service. Communication is extremely important with the work that I do. I have confidence that my questions and concerns will be addressed and answered in a timely and effective manner by their staff. It is my responsibility to ensure that our instrumentation repair issues are met in a timely and efficient manner. Their turnaround time for repairs is both fast and efficient. Their quality service permits us to meet our surgical objectives and improves our employee and physician satisfaction. I have enjoyed outstanding service and support with the partnership we have with Paces MedEquip.”

Kathleen M. Demitras, CST-CVS, FAST, Borrow/Loan Coordinator, Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Case Studies

CaseStudy-SOS copy

Case Study
2014 S.O.S.

SOS Program Trial at Sarasota Memorial Hospital


CaseStudy-LeeStar copy

Case Study
2014 LeeSar

Lee and Sarasota Memorial Health Systems In-House Repair Services



2015 – Executive Summary

Paces Executive Summary September 2015



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